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I'm Brian King and I am running to be the next Governor of Utah. I was born into a legacy of pioneers. My roots in Utah run deep. Raised in a household of ranchers and lawyers, I learned to navigate nuanced discussions and developed a commitment to justice. As a legal trailblazer, I fight to get mental health coverage for families. It’s a constant David vs. Goliath battle. Father of four girls, step-father to three step-children, happily married, my life revolves around family, career, and public service. From serving as an LDS Bishop to being House Minority Leader, I've honed the art of thoughtful disagreement for the better. Join me in shaping a Utah where differences are celebrated, echoing the values learned around my own dinner table.

Want to know more? Learn more about the chapters of my life as a son of pioneers, legal advocate, and public servant – and how these experiences shaped our vision for a better Utah. 

"You’re not alone in feeling like your party has abandoned you. You aren’t alone in feeling that no party speaks for your priorities and values. I'm running to offer an alternative — a government that prioritizes the public good over personal interests, delivering results, not rhetoric, and a culture of courage and character, not contention — for the better."


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I'm Rebekah Cummings, your candidate for Lieutenant GovernorGrowing up amidst diverse and politically divided surroundings, I learned early the importance of bridging divides. In my blue-collar, conservative upbringing in a liberal city, I found solace in books and libraries. Now, as a mom of three, I’m the Director of Digital Matters at the University of Utah, Chair of the Utah State Library Board, and founding member of the Let Utah Read Coalition. Balancing family, education, work, and service, I've championed intellectual freedom and community engagement. With a vision for pragmatic governance and a dedication to empowering families, I'm ready to lead Utah toward a future where every voice is heard and every individual thrives – for the better. 

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