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Rep. Brian King (D), Candidate for Governor, Responds to Gov. Cox's State of the State Message: "Utah is Weird"

(SALT LAKE CITY, UT) - Gubernatorial candidate and State Representative, Brian S. King, released the following statement in response to Governor Cox’s State of the State address:

“My opponent and I agree that Utah is weird, but we disagree on why that is. While he playfully mentions the Bear Lake monster, fry sauce, and our oddly shaped state, I find it weird that he delivered a speech championing compassion, love, and 'Disagree[ing] Better' within a legislative chamber that is actively churning out extreme, divisive, and unnecessary legislation. It's perplexing, especially considering his recent statement that he aims to veto nothing. This lack of opposition follows his track record of complicity with extremism, all while masking it in loving but dismissive language. It’s easy to disagree better when you don’t disagree at all.

“Do you know what would be weird? Leadership in Utah that doesn’t overturn the will of the voters, fight divisive culture wars, or govern with fear and control as their primary tool. Do you know what would be weird? Protecting and restoring constitutional rights for our citizens instead of stripping them away. And do you know what would be really weird? Having someone in the Governor’s office who fights for who we are and what we stand for. More importantly, having leadership Utahns could trust to make their lives better instead of leadership that keeps Utahns wondering, ‘What are they going to take from us next?’ 

“I'm running for Governor to offer an alternative — a government that prioritizes the public good over personal interests, delivering results, not rhetoric, and a culture of courage and character, not contention — for the better. If you’re looking for something better, I invite you to join us.”


*‘The goal is to veto nothing’; says Gov. Cox for 2024 session- KSLTV Jan. 11, 2024

Brian King represents District 23 in the Utah State House of Representatives. Elected in 2008, he also served as the House Minority Leader from 2015 to 2023. In addition to his role in public service, Brian is a practicing attorney and business owner. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Ann, accompanied by the delightful presence of their dog, Cora. Brian has four daughters, three stepchildren, and three grandchildren. Watch the campaign launch video: “For the Better”. To learn more about Brian’s campaign for governor, visit

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