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Rep. Brian King (D) Rolls Out Second Gubernatorial Campaign Ad Ahead of State Convention: “I am a Democrat Because of my Faith”

(SALT LAKE CITY, UT) - Earlier this morning, the King for Governor campaign rolled out its newest ad, titled “A Place for Pioneers.” The ad, which highlights the important connection between Rep. Brian King’s faith, his heritage, and his politics, opens with the line: “I am a Democrat because of my faith, not despite it.” Rep. King’s campaign is rooted in the same values that resonate deeply with many Utahns: family, service, stewardship, and standing up for what’s right. He closes the ad by calling on Utahns to not vote “based on tradition,” but instead remember who they are and what they stand for and vote for a candidate who shares their ideals of common sense, good government, freedom, and democracy.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, especially younger members, are increasingly disillusioned with the direction of the Republican party, and they’re looking for an alternative to the out of touch, extreme, anti-democratic politics they’re seeing across the country and here in Utah. An analysis of 2020 election results showed that LDS voters under 40 voted for President Biden by a 5-point margin (47% vs. 42%). With candidates like Brian King consistently and clearly inviting voters of all backgrounds and all political affiliations to join his common sense coalition this year, there is real potential to continue to make gains with LDS voters of all ages who want to see a governor that rejects extremism and puts results over rhetoric. From now until November, the King campaign will continue welcoming those that feel left behind by their party.



Brian King represents District 23 in the Utah State House of Representatives. He was elected in 2008 and served as the House Minority Leader from 2015 to 2023. In addition to his role in public service, Brian is a practicing attorney and business owner. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Ann, accompanied by the delightful presence of their dog, Cora. Brian has four daughters, three stepchildren, and three grandchildren. Watch the campaign launch video: “For the Better”. To learn more about Brian’s campaign for governor, visit

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